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The professionals of Menno Molendijk have a minimum of fifteen years of knowledge and experience in business and have extensive management experience at a senior level. This guarantees the connection to the daily practice, and links academic insights and models to modern pragmatics. We share a passionate life and attitude. In combination with our analytical approach, we deliver measurable and sustainable improvements within your organization.

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The team

drs. Menno Molendijk
drs. Menno MolendijkManaging Director
Menno assists management teams and organizations in complex change as a boardroom consultant, project manager or executive coach. His passion is to actually implement strategic projects in daily practice. Mobilizing energy and changing behavior is central in his approach.
Myriam Baaten, Partner
Myriam Baaten, PartnerChange strategist, Trainer, Coach
Myriam is a specialist in the development of strategy, leadership, internal branding, internal communication and organizational culture. Myriam works from the conviction that business results are also dependent on the extent to which people are stabbing their energy into things that are really important to them. It facilitates making new choices and the implementation of appropriate forms of cooperation.
mr drs Daan Putman Cramer
mr drs Daan Putman CramerChange strategist
Daan is an expert in the organizations in charting their own mission, vision and goals, related to the availability of knowledge, skills, experience and other resources. Dare to dream together, to make clear and feasible plans and translate them permanently to the daily work.
drs Marloeke Werst, Partner
drs Marloeke Werst, PartnerTrainer and Coach
Marloeke encourages people to look at themselves, to recognize their own possibilities and responsibilities and those of others and to provide (together) direction. This leads to conscious choices and sustainable, constructive relations. For Marloeke are openness, trust, creativity and authenticity the key ingredients for working on solutions together.
Mirjam de Haas
Mirjam de HaasSales
Miriam is responsible for maintaining relationships, inviting new projects and generate exciting leads. She is a strategic thinker, results-oriented and closely monitors market developments. Her motto: “Do not wish it was easier, wish you were better” by Jim Rohn.
John Gardner, Business
John Gardner, BusinessAdministration and Management Science
John designs and guides large and small organizations in multi-year leadership, change and retention programs. He also advises management teams of startups on strategic, commercial and organizational areas. His style is solution and result oriented. John teaches since early 2014. Business Administration and Management Science at University Windesheim Flevoland.
Ellen Schaap
Ellen SchaapTrainer and Coach
Connection and consciousness are the key words for Ellen to get people moving. It is based on ‘inclusion’, embracing the differences. From this rich potential in human and organization she helps to achieve measurable objectives.
Peter ter Haak
Peter ter HaakConsultant, Trainer, Coach
Peter’s passion is Appreciative Leadership. He lets people (re)discover their own strength and wisdom. Talent can finally be discovered only if it is visible. Without losing sight of the reality. His way of working means making contact, but also confrontations.
Maarten-Jan Meyer zu Schlochtern
Maarten-Jan Meyer zu SchlochternCoach
With an open eye for what matters Maarten-Jan is strong in targeting, a practical approachg and details. He feels unexpected links and likes to get things accomplished, thanks to his natural talent to challenge people and empower them in their professional and individual development.
Frans Dekker, International
Frans Dekker, InternationalChange strategist
French is experienced in preparing, leading and guiding complex change processes in companies in European and Asian countries and is therefore experienced with culturally diverse teams. As a specialist, he creates links between vision, strategy, projects, organizational structure, processes, information and people – culture, behavior, skills, motivation – to achieve the desired results.
Arnaud de Waij
Arnaud de WaijExecutive Coach, Martial Arts
Arnaud left at a young age to Japan for training martial arts. He acquired the title Daimyo Sensei (supreme leader) and teacher spiritual Tonglen TPM (Tibetan Buddhist Meditation). As director of the Traveling Sun on the island of Hokkaido, a school for martial arts and spiritual development, he trains and coaches people worldwide in personal and spiritual growth.
ir Dirk Floris van Haren Noman
ir Dirk Floris van Haren NomanProject management
Dirk Floris is an experienced expert when it comes to joining the market, efficiency and innovation combining the behavioral component within organizations. Awareness and Eastern philosophies combined with tougher Western methods such as PRINCE2 allow organizations to grow to great heights. There’s Dirk Floris’ passion.