Implementing leadership and (cultural) change means special attention to the organization as a whole, the individual teams and individual employees. Change is moving. In order to achieve that movement, it is important to take in all those concerned with the development of the envisaged development and the desired behavior.

The use of products from MennoMolendijk aims to allow individuals and teams take responsibility for their share of the intended change. That means paying attention to personal development, team development, leadership development, project development and the various levels of cooperation at the organizational level.

Specific attention to products on a personal level. Here you will find different types of coaching and training with open registration.

Products for the development of behavior in teams. Specifically to smoothen teams performances. Attention to team leaders to focus on the various forms of cooperation and communication within and between teams.

In this category you will find products to increase the efficiency and growth of an organization. No change of behavior without a change in the context.

Especially for those who are looking for the human dimension, we have developed the Humanities category in cooperation with various clients. Practical judgments and products to work on balance, focus and efficiency.

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