Look in the mirror and set yourself to work to realize your own strength and self-conscious and self-selected goals. That is the commitment of our coaching. Our direct, provocative and stimulating mirror will surprise you and is sometimes less pleasant to look at. You get feedback about your attitude, skills and behavior. Together with your coach you search for blockages and limiting beliefs, which are often the root causes of issues that are not going as you wish. The starting point of any coaching process is yourself; with your specific questions and needs. Together with your coach you determine your goals and concerns during the sessions. You will learn the importance of self-reflection and to integrate it into your daily routine. Immediately in the first session you will be provided practical tips which you can give substance to achieving your goals. Instant results, which makes you more motivated to deal with yourself at work. An important principle in coaching is our view that the coachee himself takes responsibility for his learning. We support this process.

Personal coaching is aimed at increasing your personal effectiveness and making choices that fit who you are and what your strengths are. During individual sessions you reflect on your career and choices made. Attention is paid to your abilities and challenges, your needs, dreams and character traits and competencies that are present under construction or still need attention. Together with your coach you determine specific goals and determine the topics which will be addressed during the sessions. You receive direct commands that will help you to go from the start of the coaching process with the implementation of the desired changes. Using our coaches you will immediately see results.

Staff assist in releasing their existing work and coaching to discovering new opportunities. That’s Perspective Coaching.

Changes in society and its impact on companies mean there is increasing demand for workers with different knowledge and skills than on which part of the permanent staff is available. Employees whose companies therefore want to say goodbye because they no longer fit the desired profile, especially see the loss of work and income and are therefore hardly able to open new perspectives. Using our coaches, they learn to deal with the difficult situation and are supported in making choices for their future.

Business Coaching supports you in developing your business. In the cycle of a company there are plenty of times that a new approach or method should make the difference. Your business coach can help you. All conceivable aspects can be discussed during the sessions. Think of assistance in making decisions, implementing a new strategy, explore opportunities in the market, directing the management team, a change directing effectivly and streamlining of primary processes. Business Coaching is mainly task-oriented and is deployed based on concrete goals. Our experienced business coaches help you to improve your efficiency. They let you experience in practice how you can make a difference.

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