Working in and with teams is here to stay in organizations. Research shows that the effectiveness of teams can be improved. In addition to solid teams, as a result of the project work there is an increasingly demand for project teams; temporary teams of varying composition. For those teams, it is important to pay attention to individual qualities, process and communication in the interest of optimum effectiveness.

In addition to project work on performance in the upper tow, the less visible aspects of the undertow is equally important. Issues like stress, avoiding responsibility and mutual distrust is unfortunately common.

In WTAW we create a vanguard that shows how things can be done differently. The focus of WTAW is not on the individual employee but on the results of the team, department and organization as a whole. Winning teams at Work provides a balance between the motivations of people and organizations. Along the line of substantive projects operate various winning teams on leadership, a new way of cooperation and concrete improvements in the area of organization, customers and finance.

Participants are diagonally divided into teams of 8 people that are guided by a team coach of MennoMolendijk for a period of 6 months in various meetings. In each meeting next to the projects a central changes theme is addressed. We learn about a project start-up (PSU), sharing information, challenging each other, trust as accelerator, decision-taking rather than decision making and adding value to (too) soft results in euros. The concrete realization of practical goals is paramount. A final presentation of the teams (deliverables) and transfer to the going concern is part of the process. Watch the full product.

In TOP we take your team on a journey through the world of patterns, awareness and taking leadership and responsibility. Froma a clear vision and inspiration, we work along the line of practice to changes in behavior and culture. In individual counseling you discover your mission and values. We share our feelings and blockages in a pleasant and safe environment. Our vulnerability allows for true contact and connection and we practice it (sometimes secretly). The program’s main thread is a number of projects on which taught behavior can be linked. Watch the full product.
Creating synergy within the team comes first. Aspects of quality of cooperation and quality of the consultation are pretexts to explore the current state of affairs in your team, reveal resistances and blockades and work results oriented together on team goals and development. Your team coach will help you improve quality and results.
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