MennoMolendijk expertise

MennoMolendijk specializes in initiating, developing and managing (behavioral) change in the area of Leadership and Change. Examples of our integrated services are leadership programs, management development courses, team development programs, consulting and implementation in the field of change management (cultural and behavioral changes). We create engagement and agiltiy and embed behavior in cultural and behavioral governance, procedures and embedding process.

Along the way of content and support we achieve concrete results. If necessary, we put ‘soft’ instruments in order to achieve that result. We have developed several specific products that are valuable in practice. We distinguish leadership and organizational development issues. Both directly contribute to the implementation of your strategy.

In an integral way we help to transform organizations from a value system that no longer meets the aspiration to a new value system that is more in line with the desires of the current time and situation. We focus on undertow and address business aspects generating actual behavior that contributes to climate, relations, cooperation, communication and results.

We learn

Expert in the fiield of return on learning and development.

Learning, Training and Coaching

We learn and develop to change or accelerate the desired behavior .

We lead

Programs in the area of Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management

We facilitate leadership and management development to bring organizations to a new level of ambition.

We change

Together with you, we provide the direction and implementation of change

Change together

We develop, guide and accelerate successful cultural and verifiable organizational changes which contribute to branding outside the organization.

More products of the team MennoMolendijk|

We develop leaders that are able to carry out plans, to adjust and to connect others to it. Due to an intrinsic motivation and drive to source the energy and to remove barriers and beliefs. By focusing on what goes well and what could possibly be better. Leaders which are capable in an authentic way to bring others in a transformation which contributes to growth and happiness. We work for people, teams and organizations. Your need is for us the starting point. Besides custom programs we have solutions that are immediately deployable. Powerful interventions that directly contribute to make your people more commercial, more results-oriented and more relation focused.

Why MennoMolendijk

      • Excellence and innovation
      • Practical experience of professionals in management positions
      • Excellent and fast service
      • Connecting with business behavior
      • A pleasure to work with.
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