Our body of thought creates a mindshift and a leverage for change

We develop, guide and accelerate successful cultural and organizational changes. We do this by seizing concrete and substantive themes of the practice to initiate the engine of change. Transformations are only successful when they are both branded inside and outside the organization through employee behavior.

How we do it; our software.

  1. We build the bridge while walking on it; We do not plan anything in a blueprint. We know where we’re going, have a purpose and we flexible adjust every time what is needed to achieve that goal.
  2. Along the way of work content we change; We seize concrete substantive themes to launch the engine of change. Everything revolves around the daily practice. Changes should therefore also be controlled effectively and implemented.
  3. We distinguish upper- and undertow as legitimate flows; The upper stream is visible: mission, marketing communications, (management) behavior, procedures, processes and systems as part of its operations. In the undertow we recognize things like ‘confidence, pride, fun’, but also ‘skepticism’ or ‘resignation’. Recognition of and connection between upper- and undertow is essential in order to (be able to) change.
  4. From inside to outside, from influence and taking responsibility; The focus is on issues that are within its sphere of influence and what is possible. Leadership, interdependence and collaboration is evident in the extent to which colleagues are asking to be helpful from their own influence.


Co-creation 90
Collaboration 95
Strategic execution 85
Result oriented 75

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