We facilitate leadership and management development to bring teams and their individual members and organizations to a new level of ambition. Due to an intrinsic motivation and drive we source energy and remove barriers and beliefs, to develop leaders who are able to carry out and adjust plans, and connect others to it.

Personal leadership (inside-out); managing others begins with the art to lead yourself. Managing yourself means to operate from its own power, authenticity and self-understanding. For both executives, managers and professionals personal leadership is therefore important. In personal leadership we focus on personal choices, values, blockades and effectiveness.

Commercial Leadership (outside-in): the ability to provide commercial management and interpretation from the vision and strategy of the company with the ambition to provide the customer service of excellence, to carry on this ambition by inspiring employees and to create a culture where everyone is responsible for the commercial results.

Our Leadership Framework focuses on the personal- and organizational development. The framework is modular build. According to the specific question, we cocreate an appropriate framework.

Leadership instruments

Our MD programs link leadership development with strategic ambitions. The development is focused on measuring and visual performance. Fun and function alternate.
Leadership development begins with yourself. Our inside-out model focuses on developing leaders who are capable of bringing themselves, teams and organizations in the demands of our time.
The TOP program is aimed at increasing resilience and agility for (international-) teams and its individual members.
This course is for hard workers who are faced with high demands, difficult choices, many tasks and responsibilities. It’s about working and getting results from within your own strength. Participation in this course requires courage and the ability to reflect.


Management 90
Actionable 95
Result oriented 85
Inspiring 98