Learning as an accelerator of new behavior

We learn and develop knowledge and skills needed to change behavior and to accelerate. We apply several unique learning methods focused on obtaining new insights from each other, and learn together. We consider obtaining this (self-) knowledge and insights as a starting point and framework for successful leadership and change.

Self-knowledge includes qualities, skills and preference behavior in different situations. Self-awareness goes further and requires attention to mindset, motives and feelings. To convert knowledge successfully into desired behavior we address both hemispheres and we pay attention to the functioning of our brain. We link logic, facts and practice (functions of the left brain) to creativity, imagination, symbols and feelings (domain of the right hemisphere). Learning is thus besides knowledge also a sustainable experience.

Learning instruments

The combination of new insights and market innovations lead to success. We open learning opportunities to achieve success.
Personal coaching is an opportunity to enrich yourself with experiences of which you were not aware.
Taking responsibility for another teaches you the most. Didactics and consideration of others is central here.
Our methodology of Interaction Learning ensures that practice is coupled to behavior. No mayfly but durable and lasting results. Look at the Harvard Business School for a scientific basis.


Communication 90
Sensitivity 95
Reflection 85
Sharing of experiences 75